Wednesday August 12, 2020 


so how do i begin?...Well,it all started on my way home one day...i noticed a Big Dog...a great white pyrenees dog (i soon found out)..running along the four lane highway...being an experienced purebreed dog fancier,breeder and dog lover,i immediately saw the danger and i thought "oh my goodness ..he`s going to get hit"... so i went to get him...he did not want to get into the back of my pickup ..."NO"... he said "i,ll just get in here..thank you.." and helped himself to my front seat..obviously this guy was someones pet,he was a huge dog, a gentle giant, with a soulfilled look in his eyes,truely a spiritual three days i located his happy owner and reluctantly gave him up...he was happy to see his people but he leaned up against me and pleaded with them "can`t i take her home with me too??"..In 3 days we had bonded and a deep love affair for the magnificent big white pyrenean dog began.
So,i moved to a farm after locating my first puppy... Dr.Roars Ramoijas Boijas...and then, had to buy him some sheep and a day a friend who also was a breeder of fine great pyrenees asked me .."so why aren`t you showing your dogs..?"...and the rest is history...

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