Thursday July 9, 2020 

What's Happening - Show Results

A.K.C. and International ChampionDr. Roars Mellow Shadow
In loving memory of "Shadow" the personification of the "true" Great Pyrenees...the great white mountain dog... in spirit and form...her sweet gentlesness passed on to her offspring....she began and ended her show career with five point majors..and exemplified the goals of our breeding program with her heavy bone, beautiful head ,coat,temperament and the movement that Ten Bears is known for....we loved her and will watch for her to come to get us as we cross that rainbow bridge to meet her someday...

Daffy-International Championship
Champion Ten Bears Dr. Roars Mellow Knock Out..."DAFFY" mother of Mer-Mer, Misha,and Dide..who are pointed and major pointed,and finished A.K.C. champion and currrently being be having champion sired puppies available to select homes born around sept 7,2003..this is a big girl, solid ,heavy boned, exquisite movement... her children would make a fine addition to any show program, or companion home.

MISHA - Ten Bears Shadowland MISHA
Misha is Mer-Mers litter sister...daughter of Ch. Daffy and Zach... this is at 6 months old
these two pups have a great future ahead, sister DIDE in florida has finished her Championship...we applaud her good work...!!!!more news to come about thes guys.

Ten Bears Back for Attack
Mer-Mer..son of Zach(pointed) and Ch. Daffy ...we like to win....shown here at 12 months..he and sisters Misha and Dide are going to town!

the results of the show were great! we won!!!
Ten Bears Dancing Bears-R-Us "ZACH" at 13 mos

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