Thursday July 9, 2020 

What's Happening - The boys

A.K.C. Champion Kulees Untmost for His Highest
We welcome the addition to our household of Champion Kulees Utmost for HIs Highest..raised and finished by Cathy England...We appreciate the priviledge of welcoming him to Ten Bears Pyrenees as his new home...he will be siring a christmas 03,and a spring 2004 litter... select puppies will be availabe....pedigree available by reguest. we will be offering him at stud to a very few select, approved, show quality bitches....his photos are under way and will be added to the site email picture can be sent if you contact us from the contacts page

Dr.Roars Ramoijas Boijas
heres the start of it all...

SpringValley Glimmer Man

Ten Bears Back for Attack

Ten Bears Dancing Bears -R-Us

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